Warren Varker, WT Class of 1975

Warren James Varker

Yesterday 11/28/22 I lost my Uncle Warren. He was the youngest of my dad’s brothers & was always a kid at heart. He was a smart, creative, kind man who loved talking with anyone who would listen. He was an animal lover & the favorite human of any pet our family ever had. When I was little & Uncle Warren was coming to visit, he would always bring me a wind-up toy & have Slim Jim’s in his pocket for the dogs. We would go for walks, play wiffle-ball together & laugh. He was a tv & movie buff. Back in the 80’s he would always have the latest movies on VHS & even made his own labels with graphics stating they were from “Warren’s Private Collection”. Later in life, he took his graphic design & pop culture knowledge onto Facebook where he started multiple groups sharing “this day in history” facts & music videos. His other Facebook groups have now been taken over by other administrators but were started to share his memories of growing up in Bucks County. He was able to reconnect with old friends of his & I’m sure brought many other lost friendships back together. He was Class President of William Tennent High School in 73-74 & graduated from Middle Bucks Institute of Technology for interior designs. When he was a young man, he worked with his brother Brian as a candle maker at Hershey Park. He spent most of his adult life as a furniture salesman & his “gift of gab” was what made him so successful at it. One of his favorite jobs was a company called Scandinavian Designs which he was able to travel outside of the country for the first time to Copenhagen, Denmark to broaden his knowledge of the products he sold. His 40 years of furniture jobs took him from Center City, Philadelphia to Allentown Pa, then moved to Las Vegas for 11 years before moving back here & eventually retiring to the mountains in a very rural town with my dad & their dog Oakley. He had such a good memory. He knew his time was coming to an end in the last few months & we spent many hours on the phone recently where he told me stories that I never knew about his upbringing, his parents & his life. In his words… We had an extra long goodbye. He had found peace with god in the end & would tell me that he believes that when he dies, he’ll be watching the movie of his life before he reunites with his mom, brother, and all of his pets. He told me that when he gets to heaven, he wants a good shower & a big meal. I believe that is where he is now. My dad & I, along with Tim & all of his friends will miss him terribly but know he’s watching over us. I love you forever Uncle Warren & will never forget our times together.

Carly Varker Scott