Jeff Frazier, Class of ’76

William Tennent Alumni Spotlight – Jeff Frazier, Class of ’76

Click the link below to read all about Jeff Frazier’s volunteer experience with Caring For Friends (CFF) and his involvement with a series of Capstone Projects with Arcadia University and CFF.

Was there a teacher or class at WTHS that influenced you?

My most formative teacher was Dr. Lucy Carroll.  I sang under her starting at Log College and she followed us through (then) Independence and then to the newly constructed WTHS.  I then sang under her for upwards of 30 years.  She prepared me well for a lifetime of choral singing!

What are your favorite memories of WTHS? 

My best memories from WT were centered around the outstanding music program.  My class of ’76 was one of the first to have use of the state-of-the-art auditorium.  The acoustics in it were tremendous (although the padded seats added subsequently affect some of the sound).  My class was bookended by excellent musicians in the ’75 and ’77 classes.  As “Baby Boomers,” with about 1,000 per class, there were students going on to world-class music schools — The Curtis Institute of Music, The Juilliard School — and then to Peabody, Berklee, Eastman, etc.  Through The Madrigal Singers, founded by Dr. Carroll, I have had the opportunity to sing occasionally with subsequent generations of Tennent Madrigal Singers over the decades.