We encourage grads, faculty and staff to recall your days at USWHS & WTHS and reflect upon how that time, and all your interactions with each other, launched you onto your path for success – then consider how you would donate your time, talents and financial support to continue those days for the next generation at your Alma Mater And Re-Connect with each other just for the Fun of IT!!
And join our WTAA Committee

WTAA Mission:

  1. Contribute to academic/co-curricular programs from K – 12
  2. Establish system to provide network/connectivity between grads, faculty, staff & current students
  3. Provide resources to enhance opportunities beyond high school
  4. Provide information & support for class reunions & community activities
  5. Foster & preserve history & traditions – promote exhibition of memorabilia
  6. Develop outreach programs within the school and the community through acts of kindness and charitable activities

Programs to be generated from WTAA Mission:

  1. Purchases for Educational/Instructional Tools
  2. Speakers’ Bureau, Internships, Apprenticeships, Career Days, College Nights, Shadowing Programs, Job Opportunities
  3. Scholarships
  4. Publicity regarding Class Reunions & Gatherings & School & Community Activities
  5. Halls of Fame, Collection of School Memorabilia, Alumni Recognition, Memorials, Testamonials, Veterans’ Wall
  6. Programs to Honor School & Community Employees & to Support Current Students’ & Community’s Charitable Events